Stained Glass Classes; 1:1, 1:2 or group workshops


Stained Glass Classes: £69/person for a group class of six people; £79/person for Emma to teach two people together; £125 for a 1:1 stained glass class. All 5hrs.

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1:1 Stained Glass class is £125 for five hours, in my home in Hunworth NR24 2EH. Add £10 to this for travel if I come to your home.

1:2 Stained Glass class is £79/person for five hours, in my home in Hunworth, NR24 2EH. Add £10 for travel if I come to your home.

Group Stained Glass class with six people is £69/person for five hours.  It is will be held in a hall, like Hunworth Village Hall, NR24 2EQ.

I provide all the materials and teach people of any age and any ability.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish; the creative process itself is fun, relaxing and very good for your mental wellbeing.  And I will walk you step-by-step at your own pace through the techniques, so you can begin to learn to make work you are proud of.

Unfortunately I can’t offer refunds, but credit can be transferred to future classes.

See a description of the stained glass lesson below. You will make your own leaded light – it’s really fun!

Stained Glass tuition. For children with their parents…for adults…for GCSE students, retirees, people who are good at art, people who are bad at art…anyone!   Materials, tools, lunch and refreshments are provided.

Students will make their own leaded light.  See below for more details.

All standards catered for and all confidences boosted!

No previous experience necessary.

During this day, students will make a coloured glass leaded light.

Students will make a 7″x9” leaded light that is comprised of five pieces of coloured glass connected by lead came, soldered at the joints, with copper wire hanging loops.

Skills that will be learnt; cutting glass straight and curved; drawing a cut template; cutting using a cut template; choosing coloured glass combinations; cutting lead; putting glass in the lead; assembling the leaded light on a cut template on a board using horse shoe nails; soldering the lead joints; soldering copper wire hanging loops onto the leaded light. The attendees’ leaded lights will be made and ready for then to take home at the end of the day. 

Use of the following tools and materials will be learnt (all tools and materials supplied); glass cutter; grozing players; cut template; lead knife; horse shoe nails; oyster knife; glass; lead came; solder; tallow flux; straight-edge; sharpie pen; soldering iron (dangerously hot, adults only, thick gloves should be worn, water will be nearby). Masks will be worn throughout the day apart from while eating and drinking, because of covid, and because during soldering, the solder emits lead fumes when heated, which must not be breathed in). Plastic gloves will be worn while handing lead because lead must not enter the blood stream.

It’s going to be AWESOME!

Covid Safety Precautions; I will ask each attendee to take a rapid flow test before each class; there will be no more than ten people in the large hall at any one time so it will be possible to remain 2m away from each other;

I’m DBS checked as I’m a carer for the elderly, employed by Home Instead.


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