Traditionally hand painted, kiln-fired glass paintings of birds

The Salthouse Exhibition 2024, 10-4, 13th-28th April, Salthouse Church NR25 7XH – private view 5pm 12th April

Sonya Issitt interviewed me on her podcast “God in the heart of art”: Heart Surgery for Guinea Pigs

Children’s Art Classes Hunworth twice a month, on the second Friday of the month and on the fourth Friday of the month at my home in Hunworth.

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Stained Glass paintings that give you joy.

You want a unique electrically lit wall-hung glass painting; stained glass that lights up your heart and brings glory to your home, or a beautiful window hung glass painting.

You know what you love when you see it and you want to work with an artist who understands your unique style.

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Buying artwork is easier than you might imagine...

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From our very first conversation, I’ll lead you through your stained glass painting requirements. We’ll discover what you really want as I listen to your desires. Then, I’ll create a sketch based on our conversation, give you a firm timeframe and price. Once we’re agreed work begins, and before you know it, your unique glass painting or stained glass window will be in your home.

I’d love to create something special for your home

Creating unique stained glass art that represents the elegant beauty of nature for over twenty years.

Serving the legendary, the famous and the ordinary with glass paintings that brings heaven to earth.

Impactful and touching design with an approachable, easy-to-work-with style that my clients love to refer to their friends.

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“I feel very lucky to have been able to buy the Mad Matilda stained glass painting from you. I feel I was meant to have that piece of art (...more)

The Lady Agnew of Oulton DL
High Sheriff of Norfolk 2019-20   “I feel very lucky to have been able to buy the window-hung glass painting Mad Matilda from you. I feel I was meant to have that piece of art. I already loved your stained glass window in Rollesby church and the little glass painting of a stickleback you did for Andrew in Reymerston. You may remember we were discussing your work and how you’d been so pleased to have been given an internship in stained glass at Canterbury cathedral several years ago – and while there had come across the story (and the image) of Mad Matilda. Your excitement, my love of medieval buildings, the fabulous blue background, the way the folds in her clothes show through the image at different levels, how the picture changes depending on the light surrounding or shining on it and, most of all, the wonderful image that you created combined in an extraordinary way. I feel I was meant to have that piece of art – or rather my goddaughter Matilda was meant to at her imminent 21st birthday. Thank you and take care (and go on creating). Clare”

“I love the glass painting of a blue tit in a Norfolk verge that I bought from Emma in 2019 when I was low and I needed something cheerful (...more)

“I love the glass painting of a blue tit in a Norfolk verge that I bought from Emma in 2019 when I was low and I needed something cheerful that gives me pleasure. Meeting and talking to Emma at a lunch party and buying this beautiful piece of work, with the intention of bequeathing it to my granddaughter, was just what I needed and kick started a huge positive turnaround in my health and well-being. The whole family are now fighting over who I pass it on to. But this glass painting has brought me so much joy and good health that they will have to wait a very long time! I love the thought of generation after generation of my family enjoying it in their homes after I’ve gone.”

Sue Crick
DipSBA botanical artist, Holt, North Norfolk

“Thank you Emma for a life-enhancing addition to my home, rainy or sunny weather it is STUNNING.I knew Emma was supremely talented (...more)

“Thank you Emma for the glass painted owls and my stained glass front door panels, a life-enhancing addition to my home, rainy or sunny weather; they are STUNNING. I knew Emma was supremely talented and I asked her to do two stained glass panels for my front door: firstly as I hated the existing ‘bobbly’ glass and secondly as I wanted to commission a friend. I had not realised quite how astonishing her abilities are. The initial sketch literally needed no tweaking – and the finished result is just breathtaking. Her beautifully executed owl panels give pleasure every time I pass – they are, quite simply, exquisite. Admired by everyone who sees them – they were done last year yet fit perfectly in my early 19th Century house. I am thinking where else I can get her do more…. the back door begs – more bobbly glass – and she’s promised to put me on the list but I fear I’m quite far down it…… Thank you Emma for a life-enhancing addition to my home, rainy or sunny weather it is STUNNING”

Diana Muir
Decorator & B&B owner

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Frequently asked questions

How do you paint the glass?

Special glass paint is painstakingly applied in intricate detail by hand, in layers, and kiln-fired into the glass, using ancient medieval stained glass methods. It took me over twenty years to learn these skills, from world class stained glass craftsmen and I applied these skills to my large portfolio of stained glass windows here. My techniques section on my bio page Here shows a video of me glass painting. (Link to video of me glass painting that I’m yet to shoot).

How is the glass painting displayed in the home?

Glass artwork can either be hung in the window with natural light coming through it like this (click here), or hung on the wall, framed with an electric LED light sheet behind the glass painting. The LED lights sheet has a cable that is plugged into a wall socket like this (click here).

These LED sheets can be dimmable and can be tuneable, meaning you can tune the light to be any temperature of cold light or warm light like this (link to video of LED sheet being dimmed and tuned. I’m yet to shoot this video).

What are LED Light Sheets?

The electric LED light sheets, supplied by Applelec signs, are placed behind the glass painting and bring it to life on any wall or placement – not just windows.

Between the LED light sheet and the glass painting is a white opaque plastic diffuser sheet. The glass painting, diffuser sheet and LED light sheet are held together in a framed mount. The framed glass painting unit can then be hung on any wall.

The electric cord comes out of one of the bottom corners of the back of the frame and must be plugged into a 13AMP wall socket. Sometimes the glass painting looks nice without the LED light sheet turned on, the white plastic diffuser backing is enough.

If the LED sheet is tuneable and dimmable, then on the electric cord is a dial. This dial is used to adjust the brightness or dimness of the glass painting. This dial is also used to adjust the temperature of the light; from warm yellow light to cold blue light, depending on what is required for the time of day, mood of the onlooker, the colours of the glass painting or the surrounding decor of the room. You can see a video example of the tuneable and dimmable LED sheet here.

By default, our LED light sheets come with this dimmable and tuneable functionality but a flat on/off option is available upon request. The light colour and brightness can be supplied at a constant brightness and warmth to your preference.

How do you make stained glass windows?

I design stained glass windows and they are fabricated and installed into a building permanently. Here is a video of how you make a stained glass window (click here). I team with ICON accredited Peter Campling of Chapel Studios to fabricate and install the stained glass windows to the highest standards.

How do I go about getting a stained glass window in my church?

The vicar or priest has the final say about a church stained glass window, not the person or body paying for the window. In the Church of England, months of meetings must take place with various committees, including your Parochial Church Council and your Diocesan Advisory Committee. For a comprehensive guide to commissioning a stained glass window in for the Church of England, go to this website.

Here are my recent stained glass windows (click here).

How long does it take to make glass art?

From three days to six months depending on size and how complicated the design is. Some marks are painstakingly slow and fiddly to make, some quick and spontaneous. Sometimes the fifth layer of paint comes out of the kiln wrong and the whole piece must be redone from the start. Here is a video showing me glass painting (link to a video of me glass painting, I’m yet to shoot this). It takes about a month to make a 1m2 stained glass window and about six months to make a large church window. Here’s a video showing me making a small stained glass window.(link to me making stained glass window that I’ve already made and is already in my current website).

How much does it cost?

From £3.50 for a greeting card; through £43 for a print and £2197 for an original hand-made wall-hung glass painting; up to £48,000 for a 3mx3m stained glass window. See my shop – Glass Paintings | Lion Drawings.

Camilla, now Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, congratulating Emma Blount in 2014 on the unveiling of her stain glassed window commemorating Sir Winston Churchill. Emma’s work has been featured on BBC Songs of Praise, Channel Four Time Team and Discovery Channel UK “Churchill and Me” starring Hugh Denis.

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