Glass Painting Classes in your home or in mine


Glass Painting Classes – private 1:1 or 1:2 classes. In your home or mine

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1:1 classes are £69 for three hours in my home in Hunworth NR24 2EH. Add £10 to this for glass related classes. Add £5 to this for travel if I come to your home.

1:2 classes are £52/person for three hours in my home in Hunworth NR24 2EH. Add £10/person to this for glass related classes. Add £5 for travel if I come to your home.

1:2 classes are £40/person for two hours in my home in Hunworth NR24 2EH. Add £10/person to this for glass related classes. Add £5 if I come to your home

I provide all the materials and teach people of any age and any ability.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbish; the creative process itself is fun, relaxing and very good for your mental wellbeing.  And I will walk you step-by-step at your own pace through the techniques, so you can begin to learn to make work you are proud of.

No refunds but credit can be transferred to future classes taught by Emma.

Learn to paint on glass. Emma will pass on to her students the ancient glass painting skills that she learnt from stained glass master craftsmen at the top European stained glass studios. Using kiln-fired glass paint, students will learn Victorian paint layering methods using lavender oil and vinegar. It’s a lot less scary than it sounds! After the class the glass paintings will be taken to Emma’s studio in Hunworth North Norfolk and fired in her kiln at 620 degrees. Then the fired glass paintings will be framed and posted or delivered by hand to each student.

For children with their parents…for adults…for GCSE students, retirees, people who are good at art, people who are bad at art…anyone!   Materials, tools, lunch and refreshments are provided.

See below for more details.

All standards catered for and all confidences boosted!

No previous experience necessary.

Skills and use of tools that will be learnt; Design skills (noticing detail; composition; balance of line, shape light and dark; focal point of a painting; controlling value gradation in order to make things appear three dimensional; creating different textures); mixing and grinding the kiln-firable glass paint with gum Arabic using a pallet knife on a glass pallet; applying a vinegar wash with an applicator brush; diffusing a vinegar wash using a badger brush; removing the highlights of the image using a stick or pin; applying the low lights with lavender-oil-mixed glass paint using a rigger tracing brush (including controlling density of line, curves and a circles); firing temperatures. Students will spend the morning practicing handling the glass paint, we will all go to across the road to Allium for lunch together, and in the afternoon students will make their own 7″x9″ glass painting of anything they choose.  Design ideas and templates will be provided, or students can bring their own 7″x9″ photocopy of the image they want to reproduce in their glass painting.

All tools and materials will be provided. Wear old clothes.

Covid Safety Precautions; I will ask each attendee to take a rapid flow test before each class; I will wear a mask myself and ask attendees to wear a mask at all times unless eating or drinking; students will not share tools or materials; there will be no more than ten people in the large room at any one time so it will be possible to remain 2m away from each other; the surfaces and tools are cleaned and disinfected before and after each class.  I will take into account government guidelines at the time and amend safety precautions accordingly.

I’m DBS checked (as I’m a carer for the elderly, employed by Home Instead).

In 2007 Emma won the Award for Excellence with the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass.  This award funded a 10 month work placement training program at leading stained glass studios in Britain and Europe, during which Emma training at Holy Well Glass in Wells, Canterbury Stained Glass Studios, Chapel Studios near Watford, Derix Studio in Germany, Peters Studio in Germany, Jonathan Cooke Glass Painter and others.  This is where Emma learned the Victorian layered glass painting method she is teaching in this class.  Emma has designed and glass painted many domestic and church windows, including a stained glass window at Bladon Church in Oxfordshire in memory of Sir Winston Churchill, which was unveiled by Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in 2014.

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