Quail. Glass painting – electrically lit wall art.


Quail Glass Painting.
Electrically lit, tuneable and dimmable, oak framed, wall-hung glass painting

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Quail. Hand kiln-fired painted glass.

Shortlisted for the John Hurt Art Prize and shown in the Holt Festival Art Exhibition at Adrian Hill Fine Art, Lees Yard, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6HS 24th – 31st July 2021. The glass is “flash” glass, meaning it has two layers; a clear layer and a coloured layer.  It is supplied by Pearsons Glass.  The the shape of the bird is sandblasted into the glass by Bright Blass Cleaning, leaving a clear area on which the bird is painted using glass paint (ground glass and lead oxides).  The glass paint is then fired onto the glass in a kiln at 620 degrees centigrade. The area of coloured glass surrounding the bird is left unpainted and unsandblasted.

The glass painting is back-lit by an LED light sheet (made by Applelec Signs), framed in an untreated oak 6mm wide frame and hung on the wall. The electric light sheet has a dial to adjust the brightness and the temperature of the light.

Available in the following formats:

  • Original glass painting framed in untreated oak and mounted on an LED light sheet that is dimmable and tuneable, 38 x 43cm including frame. £1999
  • Framed Print (A4)
  • Unframed Print (A4 & A3)
  • Greeting Card (15 x 20cm, with envelope) £3.50

Framed by Walsingham Gallery & Framing in untreated oak.

About our LED backlights

Electric LED light sheets, supplied by Applelec signs, are placed behind the glass painting, so that light shines through the glass painting and the unit can be hung on the wall. The glass painting and LED sheet is framed, then hung on the wall and plugged into an electric socket.

The electric cord comes out of one of the bottom corners of the back of the frame and must be plugged into a 13AMP wall socket. Sometimes the glass painting looks nice without the LED light sheet turned on, the white plastic diffuser backing is enough.

If the LED sheet is tuneable and dimmable, then on the electric cord is a dial. This dial is used to adjust the brightness or dimness of the glass painting. This dial is also used to adjust the temperature of the light; from warm yellow light to cold blue light, depending on what is required for the time of day, mood of the onlooker, the colours of the glass painting or the surrounding decor of the room.

By default, our LED light sheets come with this dimmable and tuneable functionality but a flat on/off option is available upon request and is cheaper. The light colour and brightness can be supplied at a constant brightness and warmth to your preference

How to Adjust a Tuneable Electric Light Sheet that Illuminates a Glass Painting

This video shows how to adjust the brightness and the temperature of the electric LED light sheet that is installed behind a framed wall-hung glass painting.  The dial is used to adjust the light from dim to bright and from cold light to warm light. This dimmable tuneable LED light sheet is supplied by Applelec Signs www.applelec.co.uk. The glass is yellow-on-clear glass supplied by Pearsons Glass www.pearsons-glass.co.uk with an area of the yellow layer of glass sandblasted away to reveal clear glass. The barn owl is then hand-painted by Emma Blount onto the clear area of the glass.