Goldfinch “Horray!”. glass painting SOLD! then STOLEN! Cley Contemporary Art Exhibition


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Kingfisher glass painting – SOLD!
Then:…Stolen! from Nowhere, Cley Contemporary Art Exhibition, at Cley Church NR25 7TT.  Replica provided to buyer.
Hand painted with glass paint (ground glass and lead oxides), fired in the kiln at 620 degrees centigrade.
15cm x 10cm.  Framed in lead came. Hung in the window in natural light or displayed outside. 2021.

On 15th July 2021, the 15th day of the Cley Contemporary Art exhibition, all 15 of my 15cm bird glass painting exhibits were stolen from Cley church graveyard. I forgave and moved on but The Eastern Daily Press were devastated.

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