Liz the Swan. Glass painting


Liz the Swan. At Mannington Hall 27th July to 28th August. Hand kiln-fired painted glass.

Framed by Walsingham Gallery & Framing

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Liz the Swan and Phil the Swan. Hand kiln-fired painted glass. Was in an art exhibition at The Venue, Kerridge Way, Holt 7th-13th November 2022 to mark the opening of Barclays Bank. Was in The Summer Contemporary Art Exhibition at Mannington Hall 27th July to 28th August 2022

Liz and Phil are the names of the two swans who live at Mannington Hall.  A 305mm2 glass painting of each of them will be exhibited in the room where I used to go to school when I was six, the current Mannington Hall cafe.  The final day of the exhibition is 28th August, my 55th birthday.

The glass is double layered (“flash”) glass. The shape of the bird is sandblasted into the glass and then it is glass-painted by hand and then kiln-fired. It is back-lit by an LED light sheet and framed and hung on the wall.

Available in the following formats:

  • Framed and mounted on an LED light sheet
  • Framed Print (A4)
  • Unframed Print (A4 & A3)
  • Greeting Card (15 x 20cm, with envelope)

Glass made by Lamberts Glass in Germany. Glass supplied by Pearsons Glass.  Sandblasting by Bright Blast Cleaning, Kings Lynn. Light sheet supplied by Applelec Lighting in Bradford. Framing by Walsingham Gallery & Framing.

About our LED backlights

Electric LED light sheets, supplied by Applelec signs, are placed behind the glass painting, to bring it to life.

Between the LED light sheet and the glass painting is a white opaque plastic diffuser sheet. The glass painting and LED light sheet are held together in the frame. Then the framed glass painting unit is hung on the wall.

The electric cord comes out of one of the bottom corners of the back of the frame and must be plugged into a 13AMP wall socket. Sometimes the glass painting looks nice without the LED light sheet turned on, the white plastic diffuser backing is enough.

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