Cozy Café Exhibition 2024

10-4pm, 15th – 28th June 2024 in Holt Community Centre, Kerridge Way, NR25 6DN

All welcome to the opening party 6pm Friday 14th June 2024



Cozy Café Exhibition

Emma is exhibiting here her drawings of those who regularly attend the popular Cozy Café morning sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 12 noon at Holt Community Centre, Kerridge Way, NR25 6DN.  Emma helps run the cafe and has found time between helping guests to cups of tea and coffee to sketch portraits of attendees.  Here, in the room where Cozy Café takes place these sketches will be on public display in a unique exhibition running June 14th to 28th 2024.

Emma says: “I really love serving drinks and cake to the lovely people who attend Cozy Café.  They have become friends as I listen to them talk about the interesting, challenging and ordinary events in their lives.  By drawing them I intend to honour and celebrate the friendships, life histories and the community at Cozy Café.  I love the feel of the pencil on the paper and seeing the likeness emerge. I enjoy quietly sitting with someone and really focussing on their features, while I listen to what they have to say or to what is being said by the person next to them; the tinkle of a teaspoon in a cup; someone at the next table laughing…I’m not the only one for whom Cozy Café is my “happy place”.  I hope people enjoy seeing my drawings as much as I enjoyed drawing them. And I hope the subjects of the portraits feel as honoured to be sketched as I feel honoured to sketch them.  Each sketch took an average of 15 minutes to do.”

Cozy Cafe is celebrating its first 6 months’ providing a warm and friendly place for people – young and old – to meet up and make friends at The Venue, Holt Community Centre.  The café has a fun, inclusive atmosphere where everyone is made to feel welcome. It offers a very affordable space for people to connect with others.

We know in a town like Holt, where 70 per cent of the population are elderly, that community cafes like this are vital for people’s well-being in Holt, some of whom have been a bit isolated in the past.  That is why we are asking everyone locally to help support us to run events and provide services that make this kind of difference.  All donations are welcome and we currently need more volunteers to help with projects.

To purchase prints and originals of the drawings contact Holt Community Centre 01263713427

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