St Raphael is the patron saint of travellers, healing, the environment, pants and the earth among others.
I recieved specialist guidance from Jonathan Cooke to make sure my painting style matched that of the Whitefriars window in the church.
Dog roses
Raphael's name means "God heals"
Angels in the tracery


I designed a window for St Michael’s Church, Rollesby near Great Yarmouth for the lovely Gordon Allan to commemorate his late wife, Sheila.  Gordon really loved the existing Whitefriars window of the Archangel Gabriel opposite where he wanted his window to be. So I recieved extra tuition from Jonathan Cooke to be sure I could paint the glass to a high enough standard to match the Whitefriars window.  I chose the Archangel Raphael as my subject matter. He is the patron saint of the earth, nature, healing and travellers among others.  I used Norfolk plants and included the saints attributes of a vial of healing ointment and a dog, but Gordon wanted the boy to be changed to a girl because Sheila liked to walk her dog.  This window financed the St Pauls Brixton window so that I could provide St Paul’s with their window at a reduced price.  That was a significant answer to prayer for me and I am very grateful to God and to Gordon for this.  Gordon really loved his Rollesby window and felt it was a very fitting tribute to his beloved wife.  Gordon passed away in 2015.