Time Team panel

Time Team – Medieval Panel made for Channel 4. Emma made this panel in the style of the existing Thirteenth Century panels that are held in Westminster Abbey museum, using medieval methods that are still employed to this day. It depicts an unlikely fable; Henry III carries a precious vial of Christ’s blood to the Abbey. His arms are supported so that he doesn’t drop it and a canopy is held above him by spears. The Latin inscription at the top reads “Sanguis Christi” – Christ’s blood. Emma participated in the production of the Channel 4 archaeological television series, Time Team, for the April 2010 episode in which they excavate the grounds of Westminster Abbey.

King Henry III and two attendants steadying his arms lest he drop the precious relic – the vial of Christ’s blood. The medieval glass painting method called smear shading was used. Metal oxides mixed with ground glass and urine are painted onto the glass; first the outline, then a layer of shading, then on the underside of the glass a second, broader layer of shading is applied. (Wine, vinegar, water or urine was used in medieval times). Finally the glass is fired to 610oC

69cm x 55cm. 2009