St Paul’s Church Brixton. Designed and glass painted by Blount. Fabricated by Keith Neiles. This was a community project; the congregation painted some of the glass. 3m high. 2013

Window commemorating the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death. St Martin’s Church, Bladon. 3m high 2015

Fish Jumping – detail from No. 28, Victorian front door in Tooting Kiln-fired paints and enamels on glass. The client, a keen fisherman, loved this image for his front door. 18cm diameter May 2009

Portrait of a girl

Emma Blount Stained Glass

Free video : How to make stained glass£20 video : How to commission a window

Creating something truly memorable

Emma’s work has been featured on BBC Songs of Praise, Channel Four Time Team and Discovery Channel UK “Churchill and Me” starring Hugh Denis. Yet commissions for her stained glass are not just for churches. Stained glass in your home, your office or your yacht is a way of celebrating special relationships or a key moment of business success. It’s an exquisite thank you gift or expression of your love for a family member.

It is a legacy that creates pleasure and memories for the generations to come.

If you would like to explore ideas for what you could bring to life in stained glass then phone Emma on 07790 273 519 or email